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Advantages: There are many advantages to advertising with us. We have over 10 years experience in marketing and so we know what it takes to get people to your vacation rental. You may feel that if you have your own web site that should be enough, but unfortunately in most cases it isn't. The most important thing, we believe, for getting visitors to your property is by way of search engines and other Internet media. That is why one our main efforts is to achieve and maintain first page positioning across all major search engines. That way our portal will be the first thing vacationers see when they search for their Michigan vacation destination.

We Only Target Michigan Vacationers: You may already have your michigan vacation rental listed on another directory but we are different than many of those other portals because we are focusing on only homes, cabins and cottages for rent in Michigan. That means that all of our advertising efforts for the directory are targeted for people looking to rent vacation homes, cabins and cottages in Michigan only. This way we can get more targeted traffic to your property and raise your rentals.

No Commissions: We don't take any commissions from your sales. We send your prospective renter directly to you. We will list as much information about as you want; Name, Address, Phone Number(s), email address, and a link to your personal web site (if you have one).

What does your membership include?
Your property can be located by the region within the state it is located and by the number of guests it can accommodate.
A detailed description of your property.
Have your rental listed in up to 2 categories.
A complete listing of all included amenities.
A complete listing of your rental rates.
Inclusion of up to six photos of your property.
Complete contact information including a link to your email and web site (if you have one).
Complete setup of all your property's information and photos, all you have to do is provide them.
A Yahoo! map linked directly to your property's address.
Possibility of being featured on the front page for one full month.
Minor text changes for free. (This would include any changes to your contact information, rate changes, and minor text rewriting.)

Featured Listing: Each property has equal opportunity of being chosen for one our randomly picked "Featured" rentals. For one full month three of our properties will be chosen at random to be featured on the front page of the directory. Once a property has been featured, it will not have a chance of being chosen again until the next calendar year, to ensure equal chances for everyone.

Is your property eligible to be added? We pride ourselves on quality cabin, cottage, and home rentals. So if you have a Michigan cabin, cottage or home that you rent out, you are eligible! Sorry we do not list timeshares or homes for sale. Bed and Breakfasts are also eligible.

Payment Methods: We want to make renting your vacation property as convenient as possible for you, so you can choose to pay monthly or yearly, whichever is best for you. We accept US checks and all major credit cards (Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover).


Annual Cost: A full 1-year membership costs only $99.95 per year for the first listing. Each additional listing is only $49.95 per year. We do not charge a set up fee and we do not charge for any minor updates you may need. We include up to 6 submitted pictures for free. (Each additional picture is $5 - one time fee.) We do not charge for a link to your web site or email, and more.

Monthly Cost: Or if you prefer you can pay on a monthly basis. This is only $9.95 per month for the first listing and $5.95 per month for each additional listing. This pricing includes all the same features as the yearly payment option. We do not charge a set up fee and we do not charge for any minor updates you may need. We include up to 6 submitted pictures for free. (Each additional picture is $5 - one time fee.) We do not charge for a link to your web site or email, and more.




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