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Our two main goals in providing the very best Michigan cabin, cottage, home and resort rentals is serving property owners with the best listing for their vacation rentals and giving vacationers a directory that is comprehensive and efficient for their needs.

We are a unique vacation rental portal in that we choose to list and market cabins, cottages and resorts located in Michigan only. We feel this is the best way to keep our property directory focused and easy to use. We aim our efforts at maintaining an easy-to-navigate directory and providing useful information for our prospective renters. In our directory, vacationers are sure to feel welcomed and comfortable with their rental decision.

Our marketing department has a combined marketing and Internet marketing experience of ten years. With our experience we know what it takes to get as many quality inquiries to the vacation rental properties listed in our directory. We feel it is important to share the beauty of Michigan with those looking for a great place to vacation. This is why we target vacationers that live in Michigan and those who do not.







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